A December Challenge with Michael Neill

noun: a person or thing that provokes or speeds significant change or action

Welcome to the Things I’m Avoiding Doing  December Challenge!

To get started, make a list of the things you’ve  been putting off doing but really want to get done.  I’ll send you a motivational/inspirational email catalyst to help you get over your thinking long enough to get on it, get into it, and ultimately get it OFF YOUR LIST!

Look out for the daily emails in your inbox each day up until the 31st of December…

Click here to access the community group to connect and share your progress. (Please be aware that we are having a few issues with uploading pictures to the group – fixing that is at the top of our own  ‘get it done’ list 🙂 

And don’t worry if you’re late to the party – all the daily emails will be posted on this page as we go…

Bonus videos on time management

As a thank you for joining me for our December Challenge, I wanted to share a video program that up until now has only been available to members of our Inner Circle. 
A Whole New Way of Thinking About Time Management will take you a bit deeper into the understanding that time is not the relevant variable in how much or how little we get done, and that how little or much we get done is not a relevant variable in how we feel about ourselves or our lives.
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Here’s a “specialer” offer for the year ahead…

If you enjoyed having the support of our daily visits, I’d also like to invite you to join me in the new year for a couple of programs that offer a similar structure but with different ends. As a “graduate” of our December challenge, use the code gotitdone10 to save 10% off any and all of the below programs when you sign up!

  1. Creating the Impossible and Money Made Fun

Every year I host a 90 day “impossible challenge” to help people jumpstart the new year. You choose something you’d love to bring into being in the world but know that it’s going to take more than just hard work to make happen, and alongside a community of fellow creators we have fun, learn heaps, and create cool stuff.

This year’s mini-group within the group is called Money Made Fun, and it’s for anyone with money projects or who just wants to have a better experience around money going forward.

You can register for Creating the Impossible (and the optional Money Made Fun bonus program) by going to:

2. The Inner Circle and Going Deeper in the Inner Circle membership

For a number of years, I’ve shared early-access and discounted pricing on my products and programs with members of my Inner Circle. As well as access to a comprehensive archive of radio shows, podcasts, and blogs, Inner Circle members also receive daily espresso-sized inspirational emails, monthly Ask Me Anything webinars, monthly “A Whole New Way of Thinking About…” video programs like the time management one you’ve just been given access to, and more.

To join the Inner Circle and learn more (or the all new Going Deeper in the Inner Circle membership with a ton of additional benefits), click here.