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If you upgrade to Going Deeper in the Inner Circle, we’ll not only automatically apply your 20% Inner Circle discount but we’ll give you a full $99 credit for your current Inner Circle membership (even if you’re already months and months in). That means you’ll save nearly $200 off the cost of upgrading for the year ahead AND get ALL the additional benefits listed



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As a member of my Inner Circle, you’re already an actively engaged student of the inside-out understanding and the particular (some would say “peculiar” 🙂 way in which I like to share the Three Principles.

So why am I inviting you to upgrade to a “Going Deeper in the Inner Circle” membership before the end of 2022?

In order to better understand, think about your “endgame” for being in this conversation. In other words, what do you hope your continued immersion in this understanding will do for you and the people you care about in your life?

  • If it’s just to be able to explain the 3P’s better at a cocktail party, devouring even more material might work against you, as it tends to intensify the universal malady TMNIH, also known as “Too Much Noise in Head” :-).

  • If it’s to perform better at work and/or in other areas of your life, the value of deeper immersion is to help you get a real feel for your own innate wisdom and well-being and how your personal thinking can get in the way of it. Once you’ve got that, it’s that wisdom and well-being that guide you forward in your work and life, NOT studying more about the 3P’s as an abstract philosophy.

  • If it’s to gain a deeper felt experience of your true nature – to increase the depth, purity, and duration of time you spend in the deeper dimension of life and the deeper feelings of connection and oneness – then Going Deeper in the Inner Circle is made for you with it’s deliberate focus away from just the implications of the inside-out understanding and towards the living TRUTH underneath it.

So while I love to offer programs to help people perform better (and your GDIC membership will definitely include Creating the Impossible 2023 and Becoming Discouragement Proof amongst others), there’ll also be a number of offerings (including a brand new Advanced Course) designed to give you a richer and longer-lasting experience of the space within us all – what Syd Banks described as “pure consciousness, uncontaminated by our personal thinking.”