Learning How to Thrive Video Bundle


5 Workshops, over 13 hours of video and downloadable audios.

Guest presenters include: Ali Campbell, Joe Bailey, Ken Manning, Mark Howard and Christine Heath



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What if it were possible to take on even the most difficult of circumstances with ease, well-being, resilience, and a sense of humor?

In this series of five workshops with some very special guests, I explore our natural resilience and how to bounce back from any adversity in less time and with less struggle than you may have thought possible!


As Good As New

What if resilience – the ability to bounce back from any adversity “as good as new” — was not a skill to be learned but rather an innate human capacity, always available to us and hidden in plain sight?

As you begin to see the inside-out understanding in action in your life and the lives of those around you, you will find yourself able to be at your best more of the time, regardless of what is going on around you.

We explore:

  • What resilience really is – a natural function of the mind
  • Why understanding simple truths about human nature can set you free
  • How to experience more of the innate healing power of resilience in your life

Run time: 2 hours


Shooting the Rapids

Do you ever find yourself wishing you had more time? Do you get overwhelmed, anxious, or worried about things slipping through the cracks? Do you sometimes wish that you could just stop the world and get off for a rest?

If life seems like it’s going a mile a minute and you’re struggling to keep up, there’s good news ahead – you can learn to slow down the pace of life without giving up, dropping out, or losing your edge.

We explore:

  • The secret of “letting go for it” – how to succeed beyond the illusion of control
  • Why things sometimes seem so hard, and what makes them easy (or at least easier than they are now)
  • How to embrace the speed of life without trying to make it go any faster (or slower) than it is
  • How to put the fun and sparkle into your life and enjoy smiling and succeeding from the inside out
  • Why doing less on the inside is the fastest way to more on the outside and how to enjoy the innate truth of your wellbeing.

Run Time: 5 hours

Can You Really Live Without Stress

What if it were possible to take on the world without having to take on a world of stress in the process?

We explore:

  • Why traditional “stress scales” are often inaccurate and potentially counter-productive
  • Where stress really comes from (and where it goes)
  • The difference between managing stress and increasing well-being
  • How to stress less and enjoy life more

Run Time: 2 hours


How to Swim Like a Dolphin in a Town Full of Sharks

Do you ever lose your emotional well being in the presence of criticism and begin questioning the value of your ideas instead of the wisdom or insight of the critic? You are not alone!

Here’s the good news…

You can be in the presence of aggressive and confrontational behavior and not only keep your bearings but actually find wise, creative solutions to move things forward.

We explore:

  • How to easily keep your bearings in the face of constant rejection
  • The innate resilience that will allow you to quickly rebound from even the worst criticism imaginable.
  • Where to look within yourself for the wisdom that prevents mean spirited thoughts from renting space in your head.

Run Time: 2 hours


Beyond Psychology

Do you ever wish you could get out from under your own worst thinking? Discover how to go beyond your psychology and unleash the hidden wisdom of your deeper mind!

We explore:

  • The source of psychological healing
  • How to live happily even without being perfect
  • How to develop faith in your own innate mental well-being

Run Time: 2 hours