Success Video Bundle



5 Workshops, over 16 hours of video and downloadable audios.

Guest presenters include: Dr George Pransky, Cathy Casey, Mark Howard, Gabriela Maldonado-Montano and Ali Campbell.



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What if there was a way to make things happen in our lives, career, or business without any of the stress or pressure associated with traditional goal setting? Would you like more of the clarity and focus others seem to have without even trying?

In this series of five workshops with some special guests, I explore how the Inside-Out Understanding helps us to create results in the world.


Things to Know Before You Get Famous

Are you the best kept secret in your field? Would you like to be better known? What if that were the only way to get your voice heard, your work seen, and your message out into the world?

Regardless of your preference, it’s very difficult in today’s world to reach a high level of success and financial reward without becoming noticed and known along the way. Yet the people who try the hardest to get their name in lights often lose their way in the glare of those lights, while those who shun the spotlight get bumped and bruised as they stumble along blindly in the dark.

Run Time: 5 hours


A Whole New Way of Thinking About Success

What if there was a way to make things happen in the world without any of the stress or pressure associated with traditional goal setting?

A potentially life-changing recording exploring how our approach to creating results in the world naturally changes when we align more deeply with the principles behind the human experience.

Run time: 2 hours


Beyond Criticism, Rejection, and Failure

Have you ever held yourself back from doing something you really wanted because you feared being judged or rejected? Can you imagine how much more you could accomplish in a world where no one had the power to make you feel less than your full, magnificent self?

An exploration into why we fear the response of others and how everything changes the moment we see into a new dynamic future. You will learn:

  • What causes our fear of rejection and how to move beyond it
  • How to become immune to the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” without shutting yourself off from life
  • Why “stepping up to the plate” is the most important step you’ll ever take

Run Time: 2 hours


Keeping the Dream Alive

Dreams are filled with hope, possibility, creativity, and purity. But what happens when life gets in the way?

When dreams go unfulfilled, people blame circumstances, other people, or their own inadequacies, but the truth is far kinder. The only thing that can really kill a dream is the innocent misuse of our own mind.  An overindulgence in self-doubt, insecure thinking, obstacle focus and believing in bad press all contribute to stop the flame of our dreams.

Fortunately, all we ever need to do is to look within our own consciousness to discover the guidance that can not only make our dreams into reality, but also help us to realize them more deeply than we knew was possible.

Run Time: 5 hours


Diving In

Do you ever feel stuck before you even start? Has the fog of your thinking ever gotten in the way of your taking action? Would you like more of the clarity and focus others seem to have without even trying? If you’d love to dive deep into the pool of your full potential and discover what’s waiting for you inside. You’ll learn the secrets behind the mind as they show you how get unstuck and get started with absolutely anything. You’ll also learn how to:

  • Clarify what you really want and what you’d love to create
  • Start small and accelerate quickly to create momentum on your most important projects
  • Get out of (and stay out of) your own way… for good.

Run Time: 2 hours