The Three Principles Video Bundle



5 Workshops, featuring over 16 hours of video and downloadable audios.

Guest presenters include: Elsie Spittle, Jack Pransky, Cathy Casey, Mark Howard, Ken Manning and Dicken Bettinger



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When it comes to us human beings, the basic operating principle is this:

100% of your experience of life is created from inside the system. 

That is, contrary to the way things appear, the only way the human experience can unfold is from the inside-out. No exceptions. The system only works one way. And the clarity of our seeing that underpins the way we handle absolutely every situation in our lives, from health to high performance and from parenting to productivity.

In this series of five workshops with some very special guests, I explore three fundamental principles which explain why we experience things the way we do and point the way towards a richer and more fulfilling life.


Tapping Into the Wisdom Within

What if there was an extraordinary resource within you that could guide you through life with the ease of a built-in GPS?

We explore:

  • The difference between wisdom and personal thinking
  • Why we sometimes forget to check in with ourselves (and how to remember)
  • How accessing wisdom produces transformation
  • The joy of being able to trust yourself day by day and moment by moment

Run time: 2 hours


Insight: The Secret Ingredient to Change

Would you like to be able to make simple or even dramatic changes in your life without having to struggle with your circumstances or overcome your past? Discover of how our capacity for insight makes change possible for anyone, in any situation and at any time.

We explore:

  • The principles behind insight and all human experience
  • The only thing which needs to change to change your life forever
  • Deep listening as a key to greater understanding
  • The source of all trust

Run time: 5 hours



Things I Want My Kids to Know

Got kids? There are very few things in life as rewarding or potentially frightening as watching your children begin to make their way in the world. Discover the hidden wisdom in your children and in yourself!

We explore:

  • Why kids act out (and grownups too)
  • How to be at your best when your children are at their worst
  • The ultimate parenting resource
  • What to do when you don’t know what to do

Run Time: 2 hours


Thoughts: Know When to Hold Em…

Have you ever wondered why things can seem to change from good to bad in the blink of an eye? Or what it is that allows you to kick life’s butt in some situations and wind up on your own butt in others?

This is a fun and fascinating exploration of the power of thought to create your experience of life and how it impacts your relationships, health, business, and more!

Run Time: 2 hours


The Promise of the Principles

Take a deep dive into the three principles behind the human experience.

We explore:

  • Why realizing the truth of the principles facilitates mental healing and releases your natural sense of well-being
  • How deeper insight into the principles help you live in your highest potential more of the time
  • What it means to have spiritual fulfillment in your daily life.

Run Time: 5 hours