Building a Business from the Inside-Out

How do the principles behind the inside-out understanding apply when you’re looking to build your business as a “solopreneur”, entrepeneur, or even developing your career on a more conventional path? Join Michael for a shift in perspective on what it takes to succeed! (Original Airdate: October 2nd 2014)

4:00- Thinking about business
18:30- Balancing love life with entrepreneurship
25:00- An interesting thing about the mind
29:00- Anxiety and depression
41:00- Losing your bearings

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Growing Your Business From The Inside Out

Whether you are a sole practitioner, entrepreneur, business owner, or just someone who’d like to be more effective at work, the principles behind the inside-out understanding are the absolute key to bringing out the best in yourself and others. This week, I will guide you through a simple yet revolutionary approach to transforming your business and working life for the better!