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Michael has a lovely manner and explained everything in a way that made complete sense. His analogies are perfect. I had a lot of 'aha' moments throughout the course and, although I still have work to do with allowing my thoughts to control my day, I am much more aware of the times when I'm living 'outside-in' rather than 'inside-out'. Thank you for this, Michael!

Whatever I choose to listen to / watch / read, I know I’ll have an ‘aha’ moment. And there are so many things to choose from, that I know I’ll find the one I need for that day. I love to come here a bit like these books you love and read again and again, just opening a page at random, knowing that it will be helpful. The Inner Circle is just like that, no matter the page I open, it is always helpful.

I love the content. It offers so much possibility for one's personal development and to increase one's happiness and fulfilment. I also love Michael's nature and how he presents. He draws you in and has a lovely way about him. Thank you!

My favorite thing is the plethora of different kinds (both in terms of content and medium) of information it contains, which give me the chance to deepen my understanding by looking at the reality from different angles. For such a modest investment in terms of money, it is a true bargain!

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Caffeine for the Soul Podcast

A series of over 300 espresso-sized podcasts to wake you up to …

Michael Neill presents his concepts with such a compassionate manner, it’s as if you’re talking things over with a friend.

I LOVE LOVE the “A Whole New Way” series. It’s the perfect way to take a brief but deep dive into some very common and helpful topics, and they’re perfect introductions to this understanding for my clients.

There's always something to discover, as well as so many ways to expand and simplify my thoughts in areas I wasn't even aware of needing new thinking & expansion! It's pretty much like dipping into a bottomless well of much-needed wisdom.