Drinking from the Divine (#904)

On Thursday, I’ll be joining people from over a dozen countries around the world to begin Supercoach Academy 2014, a program I’ve designed as the “ultimate coach training program” for people who want to use a deeper understanding of spiritual principles to unleash the human potential for themselves and their clients.

Last week, someone asked me what was the fundamental essence of what they could expect to get from attending.  After a bit of insecure thinking (“geez, I don’t know – I really should know, shouldn’t I? Why am I even doing this? Aw, crap!”) and a bit of deeper reflection (                    ), an analogy came to me…

Over the past 25 years or so, bottled water has gone from a luxury commodity to a staple consumer item, with more than 30 billion  bottles sold annually in the United States alone.  While effective marketing can certainly account for a large percentage of this growth, a growing interest in health and an awareness that what you put in your body matters has also been a huge contributory factor.

At the lower end of the market, companies essentially bottle tap water and sell it at what has been estimated to be “a 280,000% markup”.  At the higher end, companies bottle their water “at source” from fresh mountain streams or distant volcanic lakes, allowing you to drink the freshest, purest water available anywhere in the world even in the midst of a polluted city or vast desert.

Because of developments in water filtration technology, other companies have developed expensive systems that allow you to create healthier water inside your home and from your own tap, removing toxins and altering the pH balance to make it more alkaline.  This high pH water is said to have numerous positive effects on the body, and the people who drink it regularly swear by it.

Now imagine that someone came to you and showed you that you have a hidden spring in your own back yard which continually bubbles forth with an endless supply of pure, delicious water completely uncontaminated by the excesses of the modern world.  This water doesn’t just taste good – it actually heals you as you drink it, and clears your inner vision in a way that gives you ready access to a deeper wisdom.  It has anti-aging properties that strengthen your organs and immune system, boost your energy, and refresh and rejuvenate your mind in a way that led ancient writers to refer to it as “the ultimate medicine”.

Stories of this seemingly magical water have been around since the beginning of recorded history.  The Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, and enlightened sages from around the world are said to have drunk daily from this source, eventually becoming so intoxicated by its healing properties as to have transcended the limitations of the human world.

Best of all, this clear flowing water is completely free, always available, and requires no special equipment, practice, or technique to bring it up out of the ground.

Once you’d heard about the existence of this spring, wouldn’t you do everything you could to find it and drink from its healing waters?

Once you’d found the spring and enjoyed your first taste of its intoxicating, refreshing waters, would you continue to invest in other people’s bottled water or even your own attempts to install advanced filtration systems in your home? Or would you drink daily from the source, enjoy the fruits of your burgeoning wisdom and strength, and share the best of who you are with others?

This is the essence of what’s possible for every man, woman, and child on the planet. To discover this hidden spring (i.e.”divine source”) for themselves, to drink of its healing waters, and ultimately, to point humanity away from the “bottled” advice of others and back to the bubbling source of our own wisdom and well-being.

With all my love,


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