Goals Vs. Miracles

What’s the difference between a goal and a miracle? Join me live to kick off the new year with an exploration of how the future gets created, one thought at a time!

1:00- On miracles and being obsessed with being realistic
7:00- Feeling unworthy and guilty
18:00- How to teach this to others
28:00- Post-relationship anxiety interrupting my goals
41:00- Why set goals if miracles are better?

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Breakout to Miracles

What could you accomplish if you could break out from your own hidden limits? When you break out from beliefs you hold that block happiness and success, you enter the space of creativity and miracles. Join me as I talk with Mandy Evans, a speaker, writer, coach and seminar leader who teaches how to be happier and more creative by freeing yourself from limiting, self-defeating beliefs.