Going Deeper, part three of three (#942)

If you missed parts one and two of this tip, you can read them in their entirety here and here.

So far in this tip, we’ve spoken about how our level of understanding of who we are, what life is, and how it works – i.e. our “grounding”, underpins our every experience of life, including why and how we feel what we feel and do what we do.

To conclude, I want to share one of the most practical and yet for me most subtle aspects of this understanding – how the mind works to bring us moment by moment wisdom, fresh thinking, and insight into whatever we are working on in our lives…

3. Tapping in to the wisdom within

For most of my adult life, I spent my days attempting to deliberately create better and better circumstances through a combination of goal setting, creative visualization, and bloody-minded determination and hard work. While I became successful by most measures, I also wreaked havoc on my health and well-being, at one point attempting to avoid going to hospital after a possible stroke because I was too busy and had a plane to catch.

Although it wasn’t a stroke and all turned out well, it was a wake up call that really called into question my level of understanding of the inside-out nature of well-being.  Over the next two years, I backed off working so hard on creating what I thought I needed to be OK and focused instead on enjoying what I had and seeing what life would present me with next.

I adopted a largely hands-off attitude towards outcomes that worked wonderfully well with one small caveat – I no longer felt I could coach my clients about their outcomes either.  At best, this didn’t seem to be a problem, as the increase in well-being from connecting with their true nature kept people coming through the door, but at worst, I began to feel a bit of a fraud.

“I don’t want to be a coach anymore,” I thought to myself, “if the best I have to offer is ‘Come to me with your biggest hopes and dreams and I’ll help you not care if you never achieve them!'”

The only thing I knew to do was to shift my attention off the problem as best I could and hope an insight would be forthcoming.  Fortunately in this case, it was – an insight into how to handle outcomes and challenges through a deeper understanding of how the mind works.

What  I saw was that when our thinking settles down, the personal mind works more like a modem than a DVR.  While an overly busy mind is continually replaying a sort of “greatest hits” of our past and future failures and successes, a quiet mind is receptive to both a deeper wisdom and a kind of “in the moment” common sense.

Here’s how I wrote about it in The Inside-Out Revolution:

I call this natural state of connection to the whole ‘being online.’ It’s the space of relative clarity and well-being where we have access to both our personal database of knowledge and the deeper wisdom of Mind.

When we’re online, we can be assured that whatever comes through us is likely to be of use. At these times, intuitions and insights flow through our mind like gigabytes through a data cable.

When we’re offline, feeling uncomfortable, stressed, pressured, scared, or just numb, we get caught up in trying to figure things out, work them through, or overwhelm them with our brilliance.

In simple terms, being online feels better – it’s that quieter, deeper feeling I’ve been pointing to throughout our time together. People describe it as clarity, contentment, happiness, ease, well-being, or even peace. In the quiet of that deeper feeling, we can easily hear the still small voice within. This is the way our mind is designed to work – as a clear channel to our higher wisdom.

When we’re online, we see that any situation can be handled through a combination of common sense and insightful action. Any changes to be made become obvious, and while not always easy, remarkably straightforward. Life stops seeming so overwhelming, and the world stops seeming like a problem to be solved.

Rather than having to choose whether to obsess over outcomes or attempt to ignore them completely, I realized that when we are online – settled down in our thinking and open to the infinite creative potential of Thought – we can simply sit with an outcome or challenge until the deeper mind begins to generate fresh new thinking into whatever it is we are working on.  Like holding a live butterfly in your hand, soft enough to ensure its safety but tightly enough to prevent it from flying away, it is possible to direct the river of insights in a particular direction simply by holding that direction lightly in mind and waiting quietly for a flow of fresh thinking to begin.

In visual terms, we make the transition from this:


to this:


to this:


While it’s incredibly useful to know what to do when I don’t know what to do, I’ve been finding an unexpected bonus to this new understanding of how the mind works. When I don’t have a particular outcome or challenge I’m working on, the “modem” of my settled down personal mind syncs up with a deeper wisdom and delivers insights to me that enhance my own relationship with life, almost like a doctor who both diagnoses and delivers the cure to what ails me without my having to involve myself in the process at all.

I wish you well in your own explorations, and look forward to further exploring this understanding with you in the weeks and months to come!

With all my love,


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