How to Stifle Your Creative Genius with Cathy Casey & Dr. Mark Howard

About This Talk

Have you ever tried so hard to thread a needle that your hand began to shake? Or worked so hard to come up with a new idea that your head felt like it would explode all over the empty page sitting staring up at you?

If you’ve ever been stuck in your head or in your life, chances are you’re the innocent victim of a simple misunderstanding about how the mind works. Join internationally renowned teachers Michael Neill, Cathy Casey, and Mark Howard PhD for an enjoyable exploration of the nature of creativity and the source of creative genius.

Topics explored include:

  • Your personal ​”​time machine​”​ – ​what takes us in and out of the present moment
  • The difference between innate creativity and skills that need to be learned and practiced
  • Why some people seem to be continually creating new things (and how you can be one of them)
  • How ​things get unstuck and ​how to ​get going on your next creative project


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