Imagination, Innovation, And Discovery

Most people think that imagination fuels innovation, but they’re actually two separate functions of the mind. Join me live as I explore how to go beyond the limits of your imagination and begin to live in a whole new world!

(Original Airdate: September 15th 2016)

2:00- Distinguishing between the capacities of mind

9:50- Our experiential capacity (consciousness)

18:15- Interview with Mary Schiller- Overcoming being unfixable

26:00- Where to look when the answer isn’t clear

31:30- Interpreting dreams

39:00- Discovering, not creating. Being a conduit for creativity

43:00- Getting past mental panic

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Conversations of Possibility and Wonder

Years ago, a friend of mine in the voice-over business shared a story about the oddest piece of direction he’d ever gotten while recording a commercial. The producer listened to him say the same line over and over again, asking him to try something different each time without giving him any particular direction to aim in.

Then, in a flash of inspiration, the producer said “Try wonderment – it needs more wonderment”.