Living From the Inside Out Finding Comfort and Calm with Jennifer Louden

Join Michael and self-help pioneer Jennifer Louden, well-known as the “comfort queen,” to learn how to find calm amidst the chaos of modern life. Michael and Jennifer take your calls and share wisdom on how to keep yourself sane when the going gets just a little bit nuts!

1:00- A new relationship with fear- introducing Jennifer Louden
8:30- Suggestions for comfort and calm while transitioning through life chapters
17:25- Leaning into it
25:30- Intuition vs Intellect in tumultuous relationships
32:00- Specific strategies

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Living From the Inside Out Enough!

How much more success, love, money, or spiritual growth do you need in your life in order to be able to just relax and be happy? Listen in as Michael talks with special guest, bestselling author Jennifer Louden, and they explore just how much “enough” is enough!