Living From the Inside Out Have an Average Day!

One of the most startling insights into everything from productivity to suicide is the difference between an “average” and “exceptional” approach to life. Tune in live to learn how a series of average days can lead to a truly exceptional life!

1:15- The linguistics of suicide
6:20- How to become more spiritual inside
13:00- Analyzing what’s right for you
19:00- If you knew it was OK to be uncomfortable…
33:30- Nobody can actually put pressure on
37:00- On trusting myself

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A Meditation on Success (#718)

Sunday was Father’s Day here in America, and around 9am, I was lying in bed, pretending not to have been up for hours and wondering if my children were finally reaching an age where breakfast would not be delivered and the handwritten cards I’ve treasured since the day they first started coming would be replaced by a drugstore greeting card and a half-wrapped tie with the price tag still on.

The Space Inside

There is a space inside of us through which we can access the very essence of life itself. Listen to discover this space inside yourself and learn how to live from it more and more in your daily life!