Living From the Inside Out Value for Money

Are you getting those things you value: happiness, joy, and a richer life- in exchange for the money you’re spending? Michael tells you how to get more pleasure, satisfaction, and meaning from every purchase or investment you make!

01:00- Are you getting value for your money?
12:00- Instead of waiting for the perfect opportunity…just start doing it!
15:20- “The real voyage of discovery…”
21:30- The surest way to blow it in the housing market
37:30- Quickest way to increase your client base

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Living From the Inside Out The Four Happinesses

Happiness is traditionally thought to be made up of three aspects – pleasure, satisfaction, and meaning. But there is a 4th happiness that can be present with or without any of the first three. In today?s fun and fascinating show, Michael talks about how you are only one decision away from being truly, deeply happy!