Living in the Moment

What is “the moment”? Is it really all it’s cracked up to be? Join Michael for a deep dive into the principles behind our moment by moment experience! 

01:00- On being in the now
03:12- Why do we ever leave now?
07:40- Story: Future Oliver
12:37- ‘Manawa’ (Hawaiian shamanism)
18:00- The top strategy for humans to motivate change
25:45- How to ‘be here now’
33:40- Remembering is what we do when we don’t yet see
43:35- The most common misunderstanding

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Trusting the Moment

What if you could trust yourself to absolutely be at your best in the moments that mattered most? How much less would you need to stress and worry about the future? How much more would you enjoy “the meantime”? Join Michael live for coaching on how to allow the intelligence inside you to guide you on a daily basis!