Our True Identity

Michael is in conversation with Elsie Spittle for an exploration of the nature of wisdom and a fascinating recounting of what it’s like when a family friend suddenly goes from being a work colleague of your husband to an enlightened teacher! 
(Original Airdate: July 31st 2014)

01:30- Introducing Elsie Spittle
04:15- The story of Syd Banks
14:30- Learning through insight
22:00- The thought-feeling connection
39:00- Learning to trust the intelligence behind life

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Finding the Extra in the Ordinary with Elsie Spittle

Do you wish you met every challenge with the ease and grace?
Do you live in hope that someday you’ll finally “get it” and live happily ever after?
Part of our continuing education in life is embracing both our very human frailties and the very spiritual core of health and well-being underneath them. And the more we honor the totality of who we are, the easier it is to weather life’s challenges as we continue to evolve into our deepest Self.
Join authors Elsie Spittle and Michael Neill for an exploration of being vs. doing and how the profound is most often revealed in the midst of the practical!