The Art And Science Of Transformative Coaching

If you’d love to be able to do the kind of work that I do with callers, clients, and students, tune in live to learn more about both the art and science of transformative coaching!

02:00- Unconscious competence
11:00- 3 Universal Constants between every human experience
27:00- Leaving it up to creative intelligence*
36:50- The HFMOG test*
47:20- A beautiful example of ‘unleashed’

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The Science of Life and the Art of Living

One of the phrases I’ve used for years in promoting Supercoach Academy is “the art and science of transformative coaching”. While I haven’t particularly thought about what I meant by that phrase for a while, this past week I had the chance to reflect on it afresh. Here’s what I saw…

What Is “Supercoaching”?

For more than a decade, Michael has been teaching coaches to transform lives through a unique understanding of who people really are and where our experience comes from. Listen live this week as Michael both talks about and demonstrates what’s possible when you get truly present with another human being in the space where miracles happen!