The Magic of Connection

If there is one key to both personal and business success, it’s our ability to connect deeply with other human beings. Tune in live this week to learn how you can easily uncover your natural connection with others and the world around you!

02:00- We underestimate the impact of connection in relationship
08:40- Caller: Alcoholic son in prison, single widow, struggling to find connection and love
16:50- Story: Tell me what God looks like
27:00- Post-partum love
35:45- Ways of creating connections
43:40- Stop strategizing
50:20- How to experience deeper connection
52:00- The magic of connection

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The Magic of Connection

If you’ve ever wondered why sometimes you feel intimately close to your loved ones and other times you wonder if you ever loved them at all, phone Michael live to explore how to rekindle the feelings of love and connection we all treasure in the relationships that matter most!

A Natural Trick To Create Rapport

There are dozens of techniques you can use to create deeper levels of connection with others. This week, I will share a natural “trick” that makes all other techniques obsolete. Listen live to learn how to put this kind of natural rapport to work in your life and work.