The Magic of Connection

If you’ve ever wondered why sometimes you feel intimately close to your loved ones and other times you wonder if you ever loved them at all, phone Michael live to explore how to rekindle the feelings of love and connection we all treasure in the relationships that matter most!

02:30- An alternate experience of the human experience
09:50- Stress is a function of thought in the moment
16:00- Panic attacks
26:20- I’m the only one who can feel my thinking
32:15- Nobody outside you can steal your joy
39:15: Analogy: Love as a giant hot tub
47:22- Having arguments with sock puppets

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The Magic of Connection

If there is one key to both personal and business success, it’s our ability to connect deeply with other human beings. Tune in live this week to learn how you can easily uncover your natural connection with others and the world around you!

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