The Three Levels

There are three levels at which we can support our clients, employees, and loved ones – join Michael to learn about the three levels and why which one you choose can have a profound impact on you, the people you care about, and even your income!
(Original Airdate: May 2nd, 2013)

01:00- Three levels of transformation (Helpful, useful, transformative)
12:00- Quantum physics for dummies (and making rent on a deadline)
17:30- We live in the feeling of our thinking
25:30- Where do your most inspired ideas come from?
37:00- The more time you spend in the light of the sun
47:30- Relying on Internal GPS

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Loving People Three Levels Deep (#998)

My wife and I were having a conversation about a mutual acquaintance who had in our minds behaved appallingly the previous weekend. At first, she wondered why I wasn’t as upset as her, and then she got it.

“Oh,” she said. “You’re loving them two levels deep and I’m only willing to go one level at the moment.”