The Ultimate Happiness Variable

If there was only one thing you could change to become happier, what do you think it would be? Join Michael and explore how you can experience more happiness in your everyday life! (Original Airdate: October 24th, 2013)

02:30- What is the ultimate happiness variable?
11:30- Basing your value on your dating life (worrying about worrying about your image)
26:00- What are feelings actually for?
35:00- The good news about thought
44:00- Normal vs Natural

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The Ultimate Happiness Variable (#877)

The other day, I woke up feeling incredibly sad. In times past, when it still seemed to me like having a “negative emotion” was problematic, that feeling would have launched me into a search for what was wrong in my life and an even more enthusiastic search into my collection of self-help and psychology books for a solution that would eliminate the feeling of sadness and then eventually help me to upgrade my life to a point where I wouldn’t ever have to feel that sad feeling again…

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