What We are Learning About Life (#914)

I spent last weekend in New York City with Mara Gleason and the Supercoach Academy students, exploring the role of connection in effectively sharing the three principles and the role of Mind, Consciousness, and Thought in creating our experience of connection.

One of the students shared with me that what she had taken away from the four days was the clear felt sense that if everything is made of the formless energy of life, then everything is fundamentally OK, regardless of what form it happens to be taking in this moment. But comforting as she found that realization, she was still troubled that for someone who was in the midst of suffering, knowing that ultimately “it would all be OK” wouldn’t be enough.

The analogy that came to mind was of someone falling out of the sky to their death suddenly realizing that there was a net that would catch them at the bottom of the fall. It would certainly be a comfort at some level of consciousness, but it’s equally easy to imagine that it would be hard to believe it to be true as the earth came hurtling up towards you at 122 miles per hour.

Which is why a second implication of the principles is so important:

Not only is it all OK, it’s all made up.

When you start to see that your experience of life is entirely made up of the energy of thought, it changes your relationship to that experience. Problems dissolve as often as they need to be solved; the stories of our past and future are rewritten through the filter of new thought and insight into the human condition.

In the wildly popular book and movie Divergent, the heroine Tris learns to escape from her darkest fears by seeing through them. Instead of fighting off the birds that attack her or blocking the inflow of water that’s about to drown her, she catches her own reflection and realizes that it’s all happening inside her mind. In that moment, everything changes.

Here’s how I wrote about it in Feel Happy Now!:

“Imagine you are dreaming the most incredibly vivid dream of your life,” began the teacher. “In the dream, you seem to be some sort of an adventurer, and each adventure brings with it new challenges and creative solutions. You experience many wonderful things and some not so wonderful.

You come to realize that in your dream, anything is possible. On one of your adventures, you encounter a very high wall so you imagine yourself a rope and climb to the top. In another, you are falling off a cliff but before you reach the ground you begin to fly.

Eventually, you begin to look forward to each new adventure. Until one time, for no apparent reason, everything seems to go wrong.

It is dark, so dark that you cannot see your hand before your face. Even before you can hear or see anything, you sense danger. Strange and uncomfortable sounds begin crawling out from the depths of your imagination and coming closer.

Cautiously, you strike a match. Everywhere you look, you are surrounded by the most hideous creatures you have ever seen.

You try to run, but your legs will not move. You try to scream, but no sound will come out. Everything you’ve learned up to this point seems to abandon you and the likelihood of a hideous death surrounds you.

What would you do?”

The student seemed lost in thought for many moments and the teacher could see a range of fearful emotions play across her face as she lived the scenario fully in her mind. Suddenly and without warning, she opened her eyes and began to laugh.

“I know what I would do,” the student said. “I would wake up.”

I enjoyed that conversation with the student very much, and as is so often the case, was struck by the simplicity of what had come through:

It’s all OK, and it’s all made up;
it’s all made up, and it’s all OK.

Have fun, learn heaps, and may the light within you illuminate the world around you!

With all my love,


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