Desire Marks the Path

What if there was a fool-proof way to navigate your life that would bring you effortless success at every turn? In today’s program, I show you just how easy and fun your life could be!

0:00- One of the most misunderstood forces in the universe
5:00- Desire and fear
15:00- Making your wisdom louder
25:00- Simple wants
37:00- Creating art without fear
44:00- Toxic work environments

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Living From the Inside Out Effortless Success

Would you like to experience more success with less effort than ever before? Jumpstart your new year as Michael shares his latest insights into inspiration, motivation, and creating a life that makes you go ?Wow!? To celebrate the launch of his new CD program, all callers on this week?s show will receive a free copy of Michael’s Effortless Success 6-CD program!