Don’t Wag the Dog

The essence of the “supercoach approach” is simply this: It’s not that people feel better when they change; it’s that people change when they feel better.

1:00- Which comes first- the behavior or the happiness?
12:00- Getting grounded again
21:00- Getting back to ourselves
25:00- Well-being as a rising tide
27:00- Quitting addiction
34:00- Money in relationships
42:00- Reminding yourself that it’s okay

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Don’t Wag The Dog! (#741)

“Whatever turmoil our mind may be in, in the center of our being there always exists a state of perfect peace and joy, like the calm in the eye of a storm.” – Sri Ramana Maharshi
Over the past week, I have been enjoying participating in some online research in the field of positive psychology via a site called At random times throughout the day I get a text asking me to log in to their website, and once there I answer a series of questions about my current mood, activities, interactions, and various other elements of my day.