Infinite Potential, Infinite Possibilities

There is a simple rule of thumb in the world of creating – the less you’ve got riding on it, the easier it is to create. Join me to visit the space of pure potential where everything is up for grabs and nothing is off limits! (Original Airdate:April 7th 2016)

4:00- Point zero (the blank canvas)

6:50- 1,000 page menu

10:00- Finding peace with anxiety

20:00- No need to create happiness- it’s always present

29:00- Easier done than said

41:00- Looking for truth, not technique

49:00- Stick in the river metaphor

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Most of us attempt to set our goals from a severely impoverished world view, assuming that the best we can hope for is what we already have plus or minus 10%. Join Michael to explore what you might create from an infinite menu of possibilities!

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Over the course of this past week, we began a new mentoring mastermind group called Infinite Potential, Infinite Possibilities. One of the basic premises of the program comes from a quote by Arnold Patent I shared in The Inside-Out Revolution: