Innate Intelligence and You

There is an extraordinary intelligence that exists beyond our personal intellect. Listen to uncover this innate intelligence in your own life, work, and relationships!

(Original Airdate: September 27th, 2012)

2:00- A deeper understanding of the principles behind the human experience

6:00- Caller: When someone else says it better than you ever could

13:20- How do you get inspired?

19:00- Trying to access the innate intelligence behind life

24:00- Interpreting God in wild ways

31:00- We are spiritual beings having a human experience

34:00- The Nocebo effect

43:00- Ditching logic for deeper inspiration

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The inside-out understanding is at the heart of all the coaching and sharing I do each week on my show. Listen live to this fun and informative exploration of the fundamental principles behind the human experience and how they free us up to experience more happiness, high performance, and spiritual fulfillment!