Living From the Inside Out A Thousand Minutes a Day

Every single day, we are given approximately a thousand minutes to spend on whatever we want. Listen in as Michael shares insights on how to get a higher rate of return on your investment!

1:30- A thousand dollars a day
3:19- The 3 ways we spend our time
6:30- Laundromat story
9:15- Divorce, bipolar disorder, cancer, and no health care…help!
18:00- Letting yourself be taken care of
25:30- The Richest Man in Babylon
29:30- Thinking different about cold calling and knocking on doors
38:00- The Four Reasons People Do Stuff
43:30- “80% of success is showing up” – Woody Allen
44:30- Tips on writing

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So You Want To Be A Writer?

Drawing on my experience of writing and editing over a thousand blog posts and a dozen bestselling books, I share my personal insight into what it takes to be a happily successful and surprisingly productive writer! Join in for tips on tackling whatever might be holding you back from thriving as a writer today!