Living From the Inside Out Financially Fearless

What if you could reduce your financial anxiety by 75% or more and along the way, became committed to mastering the money game as a game, from creating to accumulating to managing to using their money to create even more of what you want in your life? Join me to master the game of being financially fearless.

3:30- Fear and money in our culture
6:45- The real source of everything
14:15- Lengthening your chain
22:45- It’s just a game
34:00- How things usually work out
42:00- The Zen Master and the Robber

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Financially Fearless (#700)

I got an email this week from someone who was interested in attending the most exclusive and intimate training we offer called The Life Transformation Experience. Her question was, on the face of it, a sensible one – how challenging is it to help people who can already afford a $20,000 course to improve their lives?