Living From the Inside Out Happiness Now with Dr. Robert Holden

Join Michael and Dr. Robert Holden for a fun-filled and curiously scientific exploration of how NOW is the perfect time to feel happy, regardless of what is going on in your life!

01:20- Where is happiness, and how do we get it?
10:00- Two ways to get clear on what happiness really is
17:00- Fixing an unhappy relationship. Enjoying the journey of your life together
23:00- Coming back from living in a death cult
28:30- One of the greatest pieces of advice Michael was ever given
37:00- On unconditional happiness

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Living From the Inside Out The Four Happinesses

Happiness is traditionally thought to be made up of three aspects – pleasure, satisfaction, and meaning. But there is a 4th happiness that can be present with or without any of the first three. In today?s fun and fascinating show, Michael talks about how you are only one decision away from being truly, deeply happy!