Living From the Inside Out How to Attract the Love of Your Life

Whether you?re looking for ?the one? or simply wanting to rekindle the love with the one you?re with, join Michael for this special Valentine?s Day exploration of what will make you irresistible to your perfect partner!

2:00- Desperation
4:30- Scale of emotions, energetic resonances
12:00- Coming from a place of being complete
16:20- Captain Corelli’s Mandolin
27:20- How to stop dating people who aren’t honest
37:00- Recovering from an abusive relationship

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Living From the Inside Out Actually, You Can!

This week, join Michael as he explores the dynamics of possibility?how much more you become capable of the moment you decide to see yourself as capable and able. If you want to access the power within to make different choices and change the direction, quality, and character of your life, let Michael help you with one-on-one coaching!