Living From the Inside Out Making the Impossible Possible

To celebrate the launch of another ?Creating the Impossible? program, join me live for this exploration of what it really takes to make your most ?impossible? dreams come true!

1:00- Getting clear and honest about what you want
4:00- Three buckets experiment
12:30- Assume that what’s going on in your head is wrong
29:30- Fearlessness and the energy of desire
40:40- When does the practical trump the dream?

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Living From the Inside Out Effortless Success

Would you like to experience more success with less effort than ever before? Jumpstart your new year as Michael shares his latest insights into inspiration, motivation, and creating a life that makes you go ?Wow!? To celebrate the launch of his new CD program, all callers on this week?s show will receive a free copy of Michael’s Effortless Success 6-CD program!

Speaking the Impossible (#717)

To begin today’s tip, I would like you to think about something that you would really love to be, do, have, or change in your life but it seems impossible that you ever will.

This is not a “fantasy”, in the sense that it defies the laws of time, space, and matter, but rather something you really do want in your life that really does seem beyond unlikely for you to have it.