Living From the Inside Out Shifting G.E.A.R.S. for Success

What do you do well? What would you love to do better? Answer these questions and listen to Michael as he shares his unique G.E.A.R. model for success.

00:55- How to achieve pretty much anything you want in life
10:00- When things aren’t going well, what do you do?
15:45- On loving people, and how it helps
29:00- Learning how to enjoy my job
33:00- Why is unemployment stressful?

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Living From the Inside Out Effortless Success

Would you like to experience more success with less effort than ever before? Jumpstart your new year as Michael shares his latest insights into inspiration, motivation, and creating a life that makes you go ?Wow!? To celebrate the launch of his new CD program, all callers on this week?s show will receive a free copy of Michael’s Effortless Success 6-CD program!