Living From the Inside Out Slow Down

One of the most surprising pieces of advice Michael offers his high profile, high net worth clients is that the fastest way for them to create a more sustainable lifestyle is to slow down.

00:55- Kung Fu Panda spoilers
06:30- Are my dreams absurd? I need money to survive
16:30- More balance in life and growing your business
22:15- Caller: Struggling business, dance company for artists with special needs
33:15- Undistracted non-meditation
41:30- Becoming emotionally uninvested

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Living From the Inside Out Creating Wealth

It’s time to get out of money survival mode! Michael and his special guest Steve Chandler, author of 100 Ways to Create Wealth, share their insight into how to create more wealth in your life. By changing the way you think about money, you’ll have the power to overcome financial hardships and execute your dreams.