Living From the Inside Out Supercoach!

Join Michael as he discusses the field of transformational coaching and shares some of the secrets behind his new book, Supercoach: Ten Secrets to Transform Anyone’s Life.

02:00- The 10 key assumptions to effortless success
03:00- On the economic crisis of 2008
17:00- Distinguishing between transformational coaching and slightly helpful coaching
26:50- People afraid to hear the word no
33:20- Finding balance with business, romance, parenting, spirituality
38:10- The 80-20 principle

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What Is “Supercoaching”?

For more than a decade, Michael has been teaching coaches to transform lives through a unique understanding of who people really are and where our experience comes from. Listen live this week as Michael both talks about and demonstrates what’s possible when you get truly present with another human being in the space where miracles happen!