Living From the Inside Out The Coach Approach

What’s the difference between a therapist, a consultant, and a coach? Learn how quickly things can begin to change, no matter how long you may have been stuck in a rut!

00:45- Therapists, consultants, coaches- what’s the difference?
06:00- How to get an invention to market
11:20- What’s wrong with you? Why don’t you have what you want?
13:00- Michael’s suicide story
22:00- Taking better care of yourself
33:00- How to stop quitting
41:30- The coach approach to creating a beautiful relationship

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The Difference that Makes the Difference, part one

One of the questions I am eternally engaged with in my work is the search for “the special sauce” – the difference that makes the difference between the good and the great and between the one-hit wonder and the person or company who achieves long-term sustainable success. There are any number of books on the market that attempt to reverse-engineer the answer to this question by studying what high-achieving individuals and companies do differently and offering up a behavioral menu of options, ranging from Steven R. Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People to the five keys to corporate turnaround outlined in Jim Collins business classic Good to Great.