Living From the Inside Out The Four Happinesses

Happiness is traditionally thought to be made up of three aspects – pleasure, satisfaction, and meaning. But there is a 4th happiness that can be present with or without any of the first three. In today’s fun and fascinating show, Michael talks about how you are only one decision away from being truly, deeply happy!

01:57- On Pleasure
05:57- Flow of Attraction, rebuilding a life
15:00- The power we give to our thoughts
25:18- My life is my message!
30:00- Deciding what kind of service to commit to
38:44- Which ‘life direction’ will make me happy?
45:45- Becoming more accepting

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The Happiness Priority (#723)

On September 1st, 1990, I taught my very first course to 15 people in a small classroom at the Camden College of English in Chalk Farm, London. Nearly twenty years and tens of thousands of students later, I realize that while much of what I had to say at the time was positive and useful, if I could go back and do it again today, there are only two things I would build my message around: