Living From the Inside Out The Lesser of Two Evils

Have you ever felt like the only choice you have is between bad and worse? Fortunately, there is always a third way- and once you know where to look, you’ll begin to see new possibilities all around you. Join in for coaching from me on how to make good choices when it seems like you have no choice!

03:40- A higher way of seeing more choices
14:00- Clarity, not drama
18:15- The only place where it’s valuable to set boundaries
34:30- The secret of decisions
41:00- If i was offered a job tomorrow, would i take it?

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Living From the Inside Out Actually, You Can!

This week, join Michael as he explores the dynamics of possibility?how much more you become capable of the moment you decide to see yourself as capable and able. If you want to access the power within to make different choices and change the direction, quality, and character of your life, let Michael help you with one-on-one coaching!

The Paradox of No Choice (#689)

About 8 years ago, I was presented with an opportunity to do some business in Eastern Europe. While everything in me knew that it was not something I really wanted to do, the amount of money being offered was more than I had ever made before and came at a time when we could have really used it.