Living From the Inside Out The Path of Choice

There are two paths to happiness and well-being: the path of all or nothing? and the path of choice. Join Michael and special guest Bill Cumming to learn more about the power of choosing your own experiences!

02:28- There isn’t a place to get to
19:00- Memento Mori
25:15- How do I know that i’m making the right choice?
36:20- How do you choose to be at peace in trying times?

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Three Pathways on the Game of Life (#840)

As a kid, I used to love playing the game of Life, where you start out with a car and a choice of two pathways – the college path, which takes a bit longer but can lead to a higher salary, or the working path, which gets you off to a faster start but can cost you later on in the game.

In the game of “Real Life”, I’ve noticed that there are three pathways we can take, each one of which leads to a completely different experience of and relationship with our circumstances, dreams, and goals…