Living From the Inside Out The Real Purpose of Intimate Relationships

Many people believe that the purpose of our intimate relationships is to make us happy. Others teach that we are in relationship to learn, grow, and evolve as human beings. But what if the real purpose was simpler than that, and even more fun? Michael explodes some of the myths of intimate relationships and offers coaching on having what you want in every area of your life!

02:25- The principles of a long term, committed sexual relationship
08:15- My relationships keep getting sabotaged
15:30- What if i’m good at my job, but don’t like it at all?
21:40- How much we know that we don’t let ourselves know
34:15- Overanalyzing ambiguous thoughts
41:00- Living with my former husband, dealing with sex addiction
47:45- What people are delighted to give you money for

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