Living From the Inside Out The Source of All Distress

Did you know there was a single source for every uncomfortable emotion you have ever felt? (And no, it’s not the IRS!) Join me today as I share the keys to a deeper understanding of your feelings and tells you how to break the patterns that keep you from enjoying your life to the full!

01:00- ‘Rock with ears’ exercise
07:00- If the nature of your mind is quiet, then…
16:10- You’re only ever one thought away… let the snow fall
25:30- Imagine your brain is like a laptop
34:10- Coaching Bill Gates with amnesia

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The Art of Being Fully Human (#935)

The other day, I was speaking with a client who in the midst of her tears about a difficult situation in her life kept reassuring me that she was “fine”. Hearing that word used to describe someone’s feelings always calls to mind a quote from the remake of The Italian Job where the wily older gangster defines “fine” to be an acronym standing for “f#$%ed up, insecure, neurotic, and emotional”…