Living From the Inside Out The Thousand Actions

As the new year approaches, Michael shares a unique way to make sure you will make tangible progress on your most important goals in 2007!

01:30- Making massive progress towards your goal
04:20- Starting over in the second half of your life
11:50- On happiness as a goal
24:00- What counts as an action?
24:40- John Wooden, coaching basketball
33:50- Taking on multiple life-changing projects at once
38:30- How to ask for help

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The Loaded Goal (#695)

Creating results in the world is fairly straightforward. If I want to lose weight, I take in less calories than I burn up, regardless of which diet, eating plan, or “lifestyle choices” I make in order to do it. If I want to accumulate wealth, I spend less money than I create (regardless of how much I create or what I do to create it) and keep the rest.