Living From the Inside Out The Thousand Actions

As the new year approaches, Michael shares a unique way to make sure you will make tangible progress on your most important goals in 2007!

01:30- Making massive progress towards your goal
04:20- Starting over in the second half of your life
11:50- On happiness as a goal
24:00- What counts as an action?
24:40- John Wooden, coaching basketball
33:50- Taking on multiple life-changing projects at once
38:30- How to ask for help

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Living From the Inside Out Actually, You Can!

This week, join Michael as he explores the dynamics of possibility?how much more you become capable of the moment you decide to see yourself as capable and able. If you want to access the power within to make different choices and change the direction, quality, and character of your life, let Michael help you with one-on-one coaching!