Living From the Inside Out The Worrying Thing About Worry

Do you worry that you don’t worry enough? Join me live this week for a fun exploration of how you can worry less and enjoy life more!

01:30- The thing about superstition
09:00- Worry vs Intuition
17:30- Our fundamental wellbeing is innate
26:30- Worry is a poor substitute for 3 things…
35:00- The spark behind life, and the capacity to think/experience*
46:50- “From victim to Creator”

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Trusting the Moment

What if you could trust yourself to absolutely be at your best in the moments that mattered most? How much less would you need to stress and worry about the future? How much more would you enjoy “the meantime”? Join Michael live for coaching on how to allow the intelligence inside you to guide you on a daily basis!