Living From the Inside Out Thoughtspotting

Every emotion you experience is a direct response to a thought, not to the world around you. Join me this week and learn to spot the thoughts that create your unhappiness and what to do with them once you’ve found them!

03:50- The thoughts we take ownership of
10:00- Reflecting on the coolest things that happen in life*
19:11- Recognize the wealthy artists in your life
28:10- Our well-being is not dependent on our bank balance
34:20- Thinking about paying off debt
43:30- Creating space for opportunities

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From time to time, people who learn about the inside-out nature of the human experience begin to feel guilty if they partake in any sort of outside-in action designed to improve the quality of their lives. As one of my own mentors said to me, “taking action to improve your plight is like carrying Dumbo’s feather – it’s just a way of tricking yourself into allowing what would happen naturally of it’s own accord”…

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