Looking into the Blue

Have you ever had a great idea come to you “out of the blue”? This week, Michael explores the nature of “the blue”, and how looking in that direction leads to insight, innovation, and wonder!

01:10- What is ‘out of the blue’? How to have more insights*
05:50- The Obstacle Analysis Grid
16:00- Art and business
22:20- Where to find everything good, integral, awesome, and cool
30:50- On belief*
36:00- Getting back to your natural state
42:00- Hanging out in limbo

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When I was an actor (several lifetimes ago), I realized fairly early on that I was really good at taking direction and pretty hit or miss when it came to coming up with ideas on my own. If a director told me to play a scene as though I secretly fancied the person I was confronting, or I had just been told I had a life-threatening illness, or as though I was scared out of my wits and trying really hard not to let it show, I would feel inspired and things would come through me that made me feel like Marlon Brando, James Dean, and Robert DeNiro rolled into one.

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