Looking into the Blue

Have you ever had a great idea come to you “out of the blue”? This week, Michael explores the nature of “the blue”, and how looking in that direction leads to insight, innovation, and wonder!

01:10- What is ‘out of the blue’? How to have more insights*
05:50- The Obstacle Analysis Grid
16:00- Art and business
22:20- Where to find everything good, integral, awesome, and cool
30:50- On belief*
36:00- Getting back to your natural state
42:00- Hanging out in limbo

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The Blue Line (#867)

When I was growing up, my uncle was a huge fan of Joe Paterno, who coached the Penn State football team for nearly 60 years. While recent revelations about Coach Paterno have put a dampener on his legacy, to my uncle and many of the young men that he coached he was a heroic figure.

Each year, or so the story went, Coach Paterno would have the groundskeeper paint a blue line on the practice field. He would then explain the blue line to his players like this:

“When you cross that blue line onto the field, you leave the rest of your life behind. Your problems with your girlfriends, classes, family, and friends are all gone. On this side of the blue line, it’s all football.”…

Insights from one of the World’s Leading Consultancies (#866)

One of the really enjoyable things about having written a book called The Inside-Out Revolution is being pointed towards more and more places where the revolution is already happening.

This week, I was introduced to the work of Senn-Delaney consultants and in particular company founder Larry Senn, who has taken insights gleaned from spending time with George Pransky and Sydney Banks and put them to use with dozens of Fortune 100 CEO’s, governors of US states, university presidents and members of two U.S. President’s cabinets. …

Everyday Inspiration with Mark Howard

  About This Workshop Despite our experiences to the contrary, all human beings have deeply positive feelings at their beck and call—- feelings of peace, well–being, and inspiration. When we are in pursuit of a goal, project, or dream, these deep feelings express themselves most often as the creativity needed to solve a problem or…

Wake Up and Roar (#780)

(A quick note: Michael is on sabbatical this month so we’re sharing excerpts from his books. Today’s tip is taken from chapter five of You Can Have What You Want. Follow the links at the end to read the whole chapter online!)…