Making Change

Tune in live to learn why sometimes massive effort leads to very little results and at other times change seems to just happen all by itself!

02:30- Do we have to make change?
13:00- What to do with my thoughts and feelings
19:36- The ultimate medicine
32:15- One of the simplest sorting principles for change
39:20- The best special effects department in the world
47:20- Michael’s history with meditation

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The Ultimate Happiness Variable (#877)

The other day, I woke up feeling incredibly sad. In times past, when it still seemed to me like having a “negative emotion” was problematic, that feeling would have launched me into a search for what was wrong in my life and an even more enthusiastic search into my collection of self-help and psychology books for a solution that would eliminate the feeling of sadness and then eventually help me to upgrade my life to a point where I wouldn’t ever have to feel that sad feeling again…