Relaxed, Optimal Health

Will this be the year when you finally fall in love with the body you have AND get the body you want? Listen in for coaching on how a simple shift in understanding can lead to physical transformation on the inside and out!
(Original Airdate: January 24th, 2013)

01:00- Michael’s first experience of being at peace
07:30- Helping my son with his anger
16:30- Alice in Wonderland syndrome
26:30- What we do when we’re caught up
34:26- Understanding that the variable is your own state of mind
45:25- Normal vs Natural*

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Everyone has at least one thing in their life where it seems like common sense and wisdom are insufficient resources to get where they want to go. Listen in for coaching from Michael on how a simple shift in your understanding of life makes everything you want more attainable than ever before.