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Want to have the best summer of your life?

As kids, summer was a long-awaited and hard-earned break from a year of learning things other people thought were important and doing what you were told. As grownups, it’s still a chance to get away from the grind and spend more time with friends and loved ones – but it’s also your chance to work though that list of things you’ve been putting off doing, catch up on some reading and binge-watching, and take a step back from your daily routine and a fresh look at what you’re up to in your life.
  • If you’re success-minded, you’re summer reading and viewing will be tilted towards hacks and strategies for finding a better job, striking out on your own, and what to do it you “work for an idiot”.
  • If self-help is more your world, your might look to learn about your “core wounds”, work on your strengths and weaknesses, and clear your clutter, both inside and out.
  • If you’re more spiritual inclined, this summer might be your chance to finally establish a meditation practice and catch up on the wisdom of the ages in the form of your favorite teacher or guru.
But what if you only get one or two weeks properly off? And your kids are off school and need constant entertaining? 
Wouldn’t it be great if you could genuinely change your life for the better this summer without adding anything to your to-do list? What if there were no habits you needed to change, practices you needed to take on, or seven step strategies you needed to learn and remember?
The inside-out understanding is the master key to a life of happiness, ease, connection, and creativity, built around two simple truths that only need to be realized to begin transforming yourself and your life in a moment of insight.
Truth One:
You are amazing. There is nothing wrong with you and you do not need fixing, enhancing, or improving.
Truth Two:
You are always doing the best you can given the thinking you have that looks real to you. But while in some ways “the world is what you think it is”, there’s a world beyond your thinking.

On the page below, you’ll find dozens of programs, every single one of them sharing these same simple truths for living well in a wide variety of contexts. You’ll begin to recognize their impact and implications in creativity, success, mental health, relationships, work, money, and more.

How to choose?

One or more of them might be an obvious no-brainer “yes” for you – start there. If you’re not sure but feel a little “soul tug” nudging you to add a particular program or offering to your shopping cart, you can think of that tug as the first turn of the master key of your inner knowing.

And if there’s just too much to choose from and you kind of want it all, we’ve made that really simple for you. Sign up for our Inner Circle Platinum membership and you will get pretty much instant access to pretty much all of it! 🙂 

Our only problem in life is that we get caught up in the dream of life and lose sight of the fact that we are the dreamer. The only solution needed is to wake back up to the ordinary magnificence of who and what we really are.

One problem.
One solution.
Infinite possibilities.

Are you ready to begin?


You have NOTHNG to lose with our 30-day money back guarantee

Each program in the sale is designed to spark significant change in your life. If you’re not thrilled with your purchase within 30 days, we’ll give you your money back. It’s that simple! 🥳

My favorite thing is the plethora of different kinds (both in terms of content and medium) of information it contains, which give me the chance to deepen my understanding by looking at the reality from different angles. For such a modest investment in terms of money, it is a true bargain!

Announcing two new programs!

1. A User’s Guide to Being Yourself is a brand new self-study program combining live and studio footage of me and my mentor, Mavis Karn, as we point out that not only is there nothing wrong with you, you’re kind of amazing – both ordinary and miraculous at the same time. If you’ve ever struggled with impostor syndrome,  low self-esteem, or any sense that you’re broken and need fixing, we’ve created this program with you in mind. It’s still in the editing stages right now, but if you pre-order you’ll get instant access to the unedited footage from the live event, an invitation to an exclusive live webinar with me and Mavis in July, and of course a hefty discount on the full price of the program.
Here’s a clip where Mavis and I talk about the origin of her letter “The Secret” and the ordinary miracle of creativity. Plus, I do an impression of Mick Jagger. (Not a great one, but hey… 🙂
2. The Invitation begins this September, and it’s perhaps the most direct and to the point way I’ve yet attempted to take the inside-out understanding from theory to practice and to bring the true essence of the Three Principles to life in your own life. You can save $100 off the cost of admission when you order during the sale.

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Our memberships are a space where miracles happen – some dramatic, some slow and steady over time. Either way, they’re one of the best ways I’ve found to share the inside-out understanding in a community built around love, understanding, and a slightly wicked sense of humor…

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There are three ways to dive in and join our growing community!

We’ve re-jigged our Inner Circle memberships to better support you in your ongoing exploration, expansion, and grounding. You’re membership will be a safe harbor for you to rest, refresh, and re-inspire yourself between adventures and a lighthouse to guide your way when things get a bit rocky.
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I am so grateful to be a part of this community. You bring so many blessings my way just by holding the space, by being vulnerable and sharing, by asking questions, by sharing insights, love and laughter, and all the good stuff that goes on here in the group and on the calls. Thank you, I love you all!

Self-Study Catalyst Programs from just $29

Each of these self-paced video catalyst programs is designed to transform your relationship with a life skill for the better, including business, coaching, finances, high performance, and more!

Michael has a lovely manner and explained everything in a way that made complete sense. His analogies are perfect. I had a lot of 'aha' moments throughout the course and, although I still have work to do with allowing my thoughts to control my day, I am much more aware of the times when I'm living 'outside-in' rather than 'inside-out'. Thank you for this, Michael!

A Whole New Way of Thinking About Series - only $5 each

These quick-hit (20-30 minute) video sessions will challenge your habitual way of looking at things to spark fresh ideas and new possibilities!

We have 3 new titles in the A Whole New Way of Thinking About… series this year (bringing the total to 50). 

In April this year I recorded a whole new “A Whole New Way of Thinking about Thought”, updated to reflect what I’ve seen in the five years or so since filming the original. We want everyone to watch this, and nothing would make me happier than if you saw everything you need to see to live an impossibly wonderful life in the next twenty minutes. So we’re giving it away for free and encouraging you to both watch it for yourself and share it with anyone and everyone you think might benefit.

I love the content. It offers so much possibility for one's personal development and to increase one's happiness and fulfilment. I also love Michael's nature and how he presents. He draws you in and has a lovely way about him. Thank you!

I have been searching for the space before words for 30 years of my life. This space is peaceful, sweet, beautiful, and comes with a nourishing feeling. It is expansive and still. There is nothing and everything here. It is home. People often call this place “spirit” or “God”, and before working with Michael Neill I would touch this place for a nanosecond and then desperately try to find my way back.

My time with Michael has helped to wake me up to and deepen my awareness of this place inside me. It has allowed me to rest in and live more of my life from this space regardless of context – at home with family, at work with clients – anywhere and everywhere I go. Best of all, I can easily find my way back when it seems as though I’ve lost my way. If you get the chance to study with Michael, I highly recommend you take it so you can sit back, relax, and experience this space more and more for yourself while impacting the people around you through presence, love, compassion, and a deeper understanding of who and what we really are at core.

The Inside-Out Live Series from just $49

The Inside​-​Out ​Live ​Series, features over 80 hours of​ me sharing the inside-out understanding in  live workshops setting  an all-star lineup of 3 Principles teachers including Dicken Bettinger, Cathy Casey, Ken Manning, George Pransky, Elsie Spittle, and more. During the sale, you can get any of the six video bundles in the series for only $49, or all six for just $199!

I could listen to Michael Neill for hours. He explains this stuff so clearly and with such wisdom and openness. Just brilliant!

Michael Neill presents his concepts with such a compassionate manner, it’s as if you’re talking things over with a friend.