A User’s Guide to Being Yourself


In April, 2023, one of my long-time mentors, Mavis Karn, spent a week in conversation with me exploring why human beings are kind of a big deal and helping people see what’s possible when you wake up to who you are and how well you’re made.

The material was so good it’s taken us nearly seven months to edit together the best of those conversations into a new twenty video series called A User’s Guide to Being Yourself.

You’ll also get exclusive access to the unedited footage from the 5 hour live event called “You’re Kind of a Big Deal” as part of your purchase.




Here’s Chapter Four –  The Gift of Memory

Introduction: How to Get the Most Out of this Program

Part One: Your Divine Engineering

Chapter One – The Origin of Everything
Chapter Two – The Greatest Secret Ever Told
Chapter Three – Let’s Talk about Thought
Chapter Four – The Gift of Memory
Chapter Five – Fear and the Misuse of Imagination
Chapter Six – The Kindness of the Design
Chapter Seven – Ordinary Miracles
Chapter Eight – How to Know if your Brain is Lying to You

Part Two: Becoming More of Who You Already Are

Chapter Nine – Who Are You, Really?
Chapter Ten – Beginning to See How Well You’re Made
Chapter Eleven -Living in a Friendly Universe
Chapter Twelve – Understanding the Mind and Emotions
Chapter Thirteen – Enjoying the Mystery
Chapter Fourteen – How to Get the Best Out of Yourself
Chapter Fifteen – Sacred Listening
Chapter Sixteen – Rainy Days and Low Moods
Chapter Seventeen – A Simple Understanding of Habits
Chapter Eighteen – A Whole New Way of Thinking about Self-Esteem
Chapter Nineteen – An End to Worry
Chapter Twenty – A Shortcut to a Happy Life