A Whole New Way of Thinking About Thought


In A Whole New Way of Thinking About Thought, Michael Neill, international bestselling author of The Inside-Out Revolution, shares a simple but radical understanding of the spiritual energy of Thought that explains how your actual reality is created, what feelings like stress and fear are really telling you, and why even your biggest problems can just go “poof”.

This new program, filmed in 2023, will serve as both an introduction and overview of the principles behind the inside-out understanding at the heart of the ‘A Whole New Way of Thinking About’ series.

We’ll be exploring:
  • Thought with a Capital “T”
  • The Inside-Out Understanding
  • Living the Dream




A Whole New Way of Thinking About…series guides me to new thinking on subjects I hadn’t previously considered. Insights on anything is wonderful.

Jodee Watkins


The whole new way of thinking about series are ace! Bite sized chunks that keep giving !

Joanne Coomber


The Whole New Way series are great reminders that I often dip into when I’m working with clients
Tracey Murphy


I LOVE LOVE the “A Whole New Way” series. It’s the perfect way to take a brief but deep dive into some very common and helpful topics, and they’re perfect introductions to this understanding for my clients.

Nicholas Pallesen


A Whole New Way of Thinking About… series has been so impactful. It shifted many of my perspectives on the areas Michael shared there. It helped me to look at the world simpler. 

Marina Barayeva


I’ve loved the Whole New Way… series. It’s kind of a library that I can refer to when I think, “Hmmm, I’m feeling a bit depressed, oh wait, I can watch that series by Michael” or “Hmm, I’m struggling with productivity, I can go and watch that series and see that in a new light.”

Nathan Kreger


I love the ‘whole new way of thinking about…’ series. So educational and mind blowing information in small portions.



I get so much from the “A Whole New Way of Thinking About.. series”. Depending on the day, different topics apply.

Amy Christopher